Stephane Portha

Stephane Portha, Internet pioneer

unixmad_1369561557_03Born in 1966, Stephane Portha is part of people who need to be close to new technologies. In 1980, he creates the first network news bases on UUCP. In this way, he becomes an Internet pioneer. Three years later, he works afresh on a big project: it’s the launching of the Minitel, a Videotex online service accessible through telephone lines. In 1985, he comes back once again with others for the creation of the first Internet network on the cable. With the use of satellites, it’s the appearance of the Internet in France. There is clear evidence that Stephane Portha is a man who loves challenges and the progress.


His passion: the games

Stephane Portha discovers his passion for games in 1972, playing the Pong, the famous game of ping-pong simulation. Few years later, he programs Tanks on Sharp PC-1211 and then, on ZX81. Gradually, he builds all is life around the games and creates several popular games such as Poker Online, Ace Tennis, Dinosmash or Adrenaline Golf Online. His realizations become more and more famous but he his above all else a gamer. That’s why he never forgives the values of independent creators. He thinks firstly like a gamer and programs for the pleasure of the other gamers. Co-founder of Linux and creator of Wanadoo, he’s obviously able to work on all platforms, a skill very useful for his future.

Birth of Eurocenter

Stephane Portha has two hobbies in life: Internet and games. To get it together, he creates in 1989 in Paris his own company: Eurocenter, which will change its name in 2007 and becomes Eurocenter Games. It’s the beginning of a long adventure. He launches Graalonline Zones on Appstore, the first MMO game developed for smartphone iOS, which achieves 500 000 gamers. Between 2004 and 2007, five other MMO will be launched. But for the programmer, there is no reason to stop now. He develops new technologies such as Quattro Play, which is able to support 2D/3D, manage thousands of gamers simultaneously, and compatible with all platforms (iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Linux, Web,…).

The success of a passion

The CEO of Eurocenter Games isn’t only a gamer. He’s the manager of a company which has a good position in the online gaming market and for good reason! Mr Portha has decided to specialize himself in the development of cutting-edge online gaming solutions. For an enthusiast of new technology, it’s not surprising but thanks to it, his company stays innovative. This might be one of the secret of the success. For the moment, his company has already developed more than 10 million of games distributed on the App Store. And it doesn’t include all the games developed for Facebook and Android… Known on an international scale (USA, Europe, Asia), Eurocenter Games is a living company and there is no doubt about the fact that his creator has still ideas for surprising all the gamers.